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Meet the team

The Hub

The Housing Resource Hub, or The Hub, is a joint venture partnership between the High Performance Government Network, a 501c3 nonprofit with mission to cultivate thriving communities, and CED Services, a minority and woman-owned business enterprise established by Heather Presley-Cowen. Together, the Hub provides units of local government with a customized toolkit of housing programs, specifically designed to optimize their local housing market. From housing strategies to full-scale housing programs, we offer a menu of options to connect housing aspirations with real results. 

The Hub also offers a flagship down payment assistance program that not only serves a broader range of buyers than most but also creates an income stream that supports and empowers local communities that authorize the program for their jurisdiction. Contact us for more information about how your community can offer this program.


The Why

The Hub's vision, "Together, we cultivate thriving communities," exists to empower not only our team, but also our partners. Empowerment can help jumpstart a mission. Ours is to help everyone everywhere achieve their housing dreams through community leadership development, housing program design and fulfillment of their local market potential. To maintain our customer service, growing partnerships and strong team, we recognize our three (3) core values:

  • Spirit - A purpose-driven collaboration striving to cultivate thriving communities through service, empathy and client needs.

  • Family - We strive to create a community that is accepting and appreciative of all.

  • Health - Passion before profit, we create safe places to learn, live and grow.

Our Team

Ryan Chasey, Co-Founder


Heather Presley-Cowen, Co-Founder


Ryan is our Chief Operating Officer who heads up our community outreach and engagement efforts and co-manages program delivery. Ryan collaborates with local leaders to understand community needs and implement customized solutions. Ryan has worked for and with local government leadership on policy, operational, and financial solutions since 2004. 


Ryan brings a unique perspective to our work in communities because of his background in public sector process improvement. Earlier in his career, Ryan served as the Quality Director/Public Finance Officer for the City of Fort Wayne, where he was responsible for overseeing the City’s performance management program.  During Ryan’s tenure, the City achieved completion of over 50 Lean Six Sigma projects, savings and cost avoidance of over $22 million, implementation of an improved cost savings tracking system, introduction of Activity Based Management tools, and improved integration of process improvement and leadership/management training. 

Heather is our team's Chief Executive Officer, leading the Hub's work with creating customized solutions for our strategic partners, lenders and member communities. As creator of the H.O.M.E. Method and developer of the Club 720 program delivery platform, Heather's role is to mastermind with communities about innovative capital stacking solutions using these and other tools developed by her consulting firm, CED Services.


With over 25 years of experience in the community development field, Heather specializes in working with federal, state, and local agencies to undertake various community development projects and programs, including those focused on housing, neighborhood, and economic development. Heather has a wealth of experience in community development planning, designing & delivering housing strategies, and contract compliance, including both financial and programmatic management of state and local funds.


Joy Hudson, Community Support Specialist  



Alexandra Wise, Content Director


Joy is responsible for community outreach and client engagement, event planning/coordination, connecting our clients with the correct resources of our team to fulfill their needs.


Joy previously worked in the Mayor's Office at the City of Fort Wayne as Executive Assistant to former Mayor Graham Richard. She has owned several small businesses, including serving as Founder and President of the Gourmet Touch, an upscale catering business that she passionately ran for over thirteen years. 

Alexandra leads our content marketing efforts and platforms, including creating marketing material, monitoring brand campaigns, managing our online presence on social media and shaping brand standards. Alexandra also manages the functionality and image of Club 720, a platform offered by CED Services that builds a strong homebuyer pipeline for our communities by stacking several wealth building tools - funding, education, coaching - in one simple mobile app.


Alexandra is a graduate of Ball State University where she earned her degree in Public Relations and brings talents in overseeing our marketing material for all HUB, CED Services and Club 720 projects.


Linda Lauer, Talent Development Director

Linda works to provide excellent strategic support to communities who decide to implement our H.O.M.E Method. A significant part of the methodology's outreach strategy is administered by her. Linda also heads up our Club 720 Wealth Building Coaching Program.

Linda is a graduate of Indiana Wesleyan University where she earned her degree in Computer Information Systems. Spending over 25 years as a corporate Information Technology professional, Linda is passionate about improving professional experiences for both leadership and employees. This has led her to become a certified Executive Coach and Leadership Strategist.