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Meet the team

The Hub

We, at the Hub, provide units of local government with a customized toolkit of housing programs, specifically designed to optimize their local housing market. From housing strategies to full-scale housing programs, we offer a menu of options to connect housing aspirations with real results. 

The Hub also offers a flagship down payment assistance program that not only serves a broader range of buyers than most but also creates an income stream that supports and empowers local communities that authorize the program for their jurisdiction. Contact us for more information about how your community can offer this program.


The why

The Hub's vision, "Together, we cultivate thriving communities," exists to empower not only our team, but also our partners. Empowerment can help jumpstart a mission. Ours is to help everyone everywhere achieve their housing dreams. To maintain our customer service, growing partnerships and strong team, we recognize three (3) core values:

  • Spirit - A purpose-driven collaboration striving to cultivate thriving communities through service, empathy

  • and client needs.

  • Family - We strive to create a community that is accepting and appreciative of all.

  • Health - Passion before profit, we create safe places to learn, live and grow.

the team