Kosciusko County

Great housing is economic development and great housing starts with great strategy. A housing strategy provides a roadmap for leaders to launch a housing initiative that meets the needs of the community. Economic growth is optimized when we build enough housing that the talent and residents we want to attract and retain can afford homes in a place they love. Communities must be proactive in not only quantifying the potential for housing growth in their market, but also in taking bold and decisive action to accomplish their housing dreams within the community. The Housing Resource Hub (“The Hub”) uses a proprietary method for supporting communities that want to take action but lack sufficient capacity.

Our Methodology

                                  The Housing Resource Hub uses the Housing Optimization Market Empowerment, the                                    H.O.M.E. Method, a proprietary approach that mobilizes a vision into action and produces                              a five-year strategic plan, at least one catalyst housing development project and an                                         employer- driven homebuyer pipeline building tool. Beginning with the end in mind, we                                  cultivate and engage local leadership in an important dialogue to create a shared vision that                      protects and enhances what the community loves most. With a vision for the future, our team                goes to work to translate the demand community leaders are sensing into a picture of who is                   looking to live in the community, what type of home they are seeking to buy or rent, and how much        they can afford. A housing production plan then becomes the foundation for designing a customized housing program for the community, that is complete with recommendations for planning, design, private-public investment tools, and housing-related talent attraction and retention programs. The final step is to launch a catalyst development project that jumpstarts housing production and demonstrates the high-quality vision that was developed by the leadership. As the non-profit housing market potential optimizer, The Hub becomes a mobile community development unit, assisting and supporting communities that choose to undertake catalyst projects as an instrument of the local leadership’s vision that can attract viable development partners.

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