The Housing Resource Hub is truly that. A place for all types of resources for housing. We believe that funding opportunities should be easily accessible which is why we've partnered with Club 720® to offer homebuyer tools like down payment assistance, grants and affordable loans, or matched savings accounts.


Club 720® is a platform designed to help everyday people build wealth by providing no cost access to your credit score, funding opportunities, trusted lending partners and financial fitness education and support. To learn more, visit Club 720® or download the free mobile app.

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Hub Featured Programs

In partnership with Stifel Public Finance, the Hub co-administers down payment assistance programs in both Illinois and Indiana.


To serve homebuyers, the Hub works with local units of government to authorize the Hoosier Homes program for their jurisdiction and facilitates a dynamic media campaign to increase consumer awareness.


Cook County Home Advantage Program is available to homebuyers seeking down payment assistance in the Cook County, Illinois area (including Chicago).

Hoosier Homes is currently being offered in Marion County, the City of Wabash, LaGrange County, the City of Fort Wayne, Steuben County, Kosciusko County, the City of Gary and DeKalb County.

To learn more about these programs, please visit www.hoosierhomesdpa.org for Hoosier Homes or www.cookcountydpa.org for Cook County. We encourage homebuyers to explore these and additional programs they may be eligible for via Club 720®.


If you're looking to purchase a home in an area not listed above, please contact us. The Housing Resource Hub is always looking to add funding opportunities for homebuyers.

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