housing is economic development

A Housing Strategy provides a roadmap for leaders to launch a housing initiative that meets the needs of the community.  The Housing Resource Hub (The Hub") utilizes a housing market potential analysis that projects future demand as the cornerstone of the strategy.  A housing market potential analysis provides data that can be used to quantify forward looking goals and provides the type of data that developers want to make informed decisions about future developments.  This results in a plan to remove barriers to housing development and to ensure appropriate make-up of housing stock to meet current and future housing needs for the community.


To be effective a well-designed housing strategy must evolve into specific actions. A catalyst development project ensures implementation of the Housing Strategy by testing the local market using information from the housing market potential analysis.  In this phase, The Hub uses its nonprofit status to allow it to become a vehicle for housing development, bringing local, state and federal resources to each project to enhance its feasibility. Acting as the community’s representative, The Hub assembles a development team and necessary resources to make a truly transformational project happen. This is an important culminating step, as it allows communities to move forward with implementation with relatively little risk Here are some examples of our ongoing work.

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