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Housing Resource Hub's
Club 720 Membership

Revolutionizing the Way Communities Build Wealth

The Investment

Lending institutions can purchase a membership in the non-profit Housing resource Hub's Club 720 program. In an addition to receiving member benefits, your tax deductivle membership will directly support a more vibrant community that offers greater housing opportunities. This will be achieved by the Hub offering pivotal programs that will result in the cultivation and coaching of buyers. 


A 1-year membership costs $12,999 payable in equal monthly installments or $10,000 payable in one annual installment, plus a one-time Club 720 set-up fee of $1500.

Membership Benefits

Recognition under the Community Reinvestment Act

Opportunity to co-sponsor virtual workshops and events in communities where the Hub works

Direct referrals for new bank accounts and credit builder loans

Enjoy a tax-deductible membership


Ready to Serve your Community Better?

If you're ready to take a step further in serving your community, please complete the short form here.

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