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We are thrilled to announce that High Performance Government Network, which many of you know as Housing Resource Hub, will soon become Club 720 Development Corporation! This new name reflects our broadened mission to not only enhance government efficiency but also to expand our focus on comprehensive housing strategies and wealth building across communities.

We Help Communities Accomplish
Their Housing Dreams

The Housing Resource Hub provides communities with the necessary tools to fulfill their market potential through housing development and housing program design.

High Impact
Housing Solutions

The Housing Resource Hub offers high impact housing solutions for communities through high performance public-private partnerships. From workforce housing strategies to housing development and homebuyer program design and delivery, our team is made up of a variety of professionals who not only come from various fields of expertise, but also offer fresh ideas and perspectives for serving our clients.

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DeKalb County Housing Strategy Report  (1).png

What We Offer

We, at the Hub, strive to support communities as they accomplish their housing dreams. Using a proprietary methodology, we deliver a suite of fully-customizable services to optimize housing markets and achieve their highest potential.

Affordable Homebuying

Making Housing Affordable

Ready to buy a home? The Housing Resource Hub partners with its community partners and Club 720 to provide access to homebuyer assistance programs like down payment assistance, grants and affordable loans and even matched savings accounts.


Club 720 provides all the information, tools, and resources you require to make well-informed decisions before, during and after your home buying journey.

So, if you are ready to take the first step towards owning your own home, click on the button below.

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