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Pioneering a New Approach to Housing

Updated: Sep 6, 2023

Hello and welcome!

We're the Housing Resource Hub of Northeast Indiana, and if there's one thing we want you to know about us, it's this: we're the first in the nation to adopt an innovative, groundbreaking framework that’s shaking up the housing sector. This framework, known as the H.O.M.E. (Housing Optimization through Market Empowerment) Method, was conceived and developed by Heather Presley-Cowen, a veteran in housing and urban development.

A bit about Heather: with over two decades of experience in local government and managing Federal funding, Heather left her post as Indiana's second largest city's first Deputy Director for Housing and Neighborhood Services to launch her own enterprise. This venture, Capacity Enhancement and Development Services LLC, operates under two aliases: Capital Stacker and Club 720.

Capital Stacker specializes in designing financing structures for development financing gaps that seem impossible to solve. Meanwhile, Club 720 is a software-as-a-service platform, a brainchild of Heather, creating a bustling marketplace for banks, lenders, nonprofits, HUD-certified Housing Counselors, and Club 720 coaches who want to offer their services via the free Club 720 mobile app.

But let's get back to us, the Housing Resource Hub. Our inception and continued operation are heavily influenced by the principles of the H.O.M.E. Method. This method provides a strategic solution to two intertwined problems: the American housing crisis and the wealth gap.

Our role as the first prototype of the H.O.M.E. Method symbolizes an endorsement for localized solutions, led by empowered community leaders, to counteract massive national challenges. We stand as a testament to the effectiveness of Heather's vision - showcasing how localized, targeted initiatives can create significant positive impacts.

So, when you engage with us at the Housing Resource Hub, know that you're not just working with another organization. You're collaborating with a group of individuals devoted to a pioneering vision. We're reshaping the landscape of affordable housing, one community at a time.

Stay tuned for the next part of our blog series, where we’ll dive into the nitty-gritty of what we do here at the Housing Resource Hub. See you then!

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