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Hoosier Homes
Approved Lenders

Here is the list of lenders who are currently approved to offer Hoosier Homes down payment assistance.  Stay tuned!  This list is subject to grow quickly.  If you'd like us to contact your preferred lender about offering Hoosier Homes, please contact us.

Unfortunately, we are not able to steer or direct you to a specific lender.  When reaching out to the program approved lenders, keep the following in mind:

  • While the lender is approved under the Hoosier Homes program, not every Loan Officer (LO) is knowledgeable and active in the Hoosier Homes program. When contacting a lender, ask to speak with a Loan Officer that is familiar with the Hoosier Homes program*.

  • Advise the Loan Officer of the purpose of your call and that you are seeking to use the Hoosier Homes down payment assistance program. Ask how many Hoosier Homes loans they have processed in the past six months / past year.

  • Each lender establishes their lender fees. These fees can vary greatly by lender. Ask if they charge an origination fee on Hoosier Homes transactions and if they do, how much. Origination fees ARE NOT a requirement of the Hoosier Homes program, but a choice each lender makes.

  • Decide who to work with based on the information you receive and the confidence you have in the Loan Officer*.

*If you are not satisfied with the Loan Officer’s knowledge, answers, guidance, and / or how they communicate with you, etc… end the conversation and call another lender / Loan Officer. There are many experienced, helpful, and committed Loan Officers that are experts in the Hoosier Homes program who would gladly work with you.

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