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How We Do It - Empowering Communities, One Step at a Time

Greetings, readers!

So far, we've taken you through who we are, what we do, and why we're committed to our mission here at the Housing Resource Hub of Northeast Indiana. Now, it's time to pull back the curtain and show you how we're turning our vision into reality.

Our approach is rooted in the H.O.M.E. (Housing Optimization through Market Empowerment) Method and begins with our community leaders - inspiring individuals filled with what we like to call #Swagger. These leaders embark on a rigorous 6-12 month process with us, a journey of understanding and quantifying their local housing market potential.

This process is far from easy. It involves comprehensive research, detailed analysis, and a deep understanding of the economic, social, and cultural context of the community. But the effort is well worth the reward. By the end of it, we have a clear, actionable roadmap for establishing a sustainable housing production system - one that meets the community's needs and harnesses its potential.

This is where Club 720, the free mobile app invented by our founder Heather Presley-Cowen, comes into play. Club 720 is a bridge, connecting potential buyers and renters to banks, lenders, HUD-certified Housing Counselors, and Club 720 coaches. It's a marketplace of housing services, bringing together all the resources you need under one virtual roof.

But Club 720 isn't just a tool; it's a symbol of what we stand for - empowerment. We're committed to making the housing market more accessible and empowering people to make informed decisions about their futures.

In essence, our work is about empowering communities to take control of their housing needs. We provide the resources, the platform, and the guidance, but the power to create change ultimately lies in the hands of the communities we serve.

In our next and final blog of this series, we'll be sharing some of the projects we're proud of and the impact we're making. We can't wait to share these stories with you!

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